Source: Sacramento Bee
Napa Quake Brinks up Topic of Earthquake Insurance
The earthquake that jolted the Napa Valley last weekend upended more than wine barrels and mobile homes. It also was an unsettling reminder of how few Californians – homeowners and businesses alike – carry earthquake insurance.

In large part because of cost, complacency and the “it’ll-never-happen-to me” syndrome, Californians are more likely to own a swimming pool than an earthquake policy.

“We do not have earthquake insurance,” said Robert Dahl, owner of Dahl Vineyards in Napa, who figures he is down about $30,000 in damaged assets and lost revenue from temporarily closing his winery in the quake’s aftermath.

“It was an option that my insurance agent tried to talk me into. But I’m from Minnesota, and I haven’t had to deal with anything like this before.”

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