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My husband, children, and I have been in our house for almost two years now. During the past two years I have been trying to come up with some words that can express the gratitude that my family has for Tim and his team at Granite Equity. The truth is, there are no words to relay how thankful we are to Tim and his team. Tim took the time to answer all of our questions no matter how crazy they were. We felt so comfortable with Tim and his team that to this day we consider them friends.

April Home Prices in Bay Area Hit 7-Year High

Source: San Jose Mercury News
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In a milestone for the Bay Area housing market, April’s home prices reached the highest levels since just before the recession began, with Santa Clara County hitting a new peak in records going back 26 years, according to a report Wednesday.

Prices for single-family homes across much of the region are at levels not seen since November 2007, the real estate information service DataQuick reported. The Great Recession began in December 2007.

“I don’t think it should be a surprise that one of the regions with the nation’s strongest economies is the closest to its previous high for home prices,” said Andrew LePage of DataQuick. “San Francisco and Silicon Valley are more than pulling their weight.”

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4 Tips to Setting the Right Asking Price

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When it comes to selling a home, one of the most difficult pieces of the puzzle is pricing. And for real estate agents, it can be one of the most difficult conversations to have with your clients.

Sellers don’t want to come in too low and leave money on the table, but they also know that they don’t want to price themself out of the market, either. For sellers, this difficult situation can cause them to ignore the sound advice of their seasoned agent.

It’s the real estate pro’s job to help clients find that happy medium between the right price that will get them the biggest payoff, be competitive in the current market, and leave them without seller’s remorse for parting with a home they love.

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Mortgage Interest Rates Hit their Lowest Levels for 2014

Source: CNN/Money
Mortgage interest rates hit their lowest levels for 2014
The average interest charged to borrowers for a 30-year, fixed rate loan fell to 4.21% from 4.29% last week, according to Freddie Mac’s weekly mortgage rate report.

Rates have not been this low since the week of November 7, when they were at 4.16%. The 15-year, fixed rate mortgage, a popular loan for homeowners refinancing existing mortgages, hit 3.32%, down from 3.38% last week.

Global unrest and a weak U.S. economic recovery have kept rates low on U.S. Treasury bonds, which is used as the benchmark to set most consumer interest rates. “Mortgage rates continued moving down following the decline in 10-year Treasury yields after a dismal report on real GDP growth in the first quarter,” according to Freddie’s chief economist Frank Nothaft.

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